Welcome to HKR InfoTech

HKR Infotech is a parent company of HKR Trainings, ITCanvass, and many other platforms that offer different services. Our services include IT Training, IT consulting & staffing, Home construction, Rental assistance, and many more.


HKR Trainings

HKR Trainings is a leading online IT training platform that trains students and IT professionals on multiple technologies for their career growth.


ITCanvass is an online IT Training and development platform specialized in ServiceNow training that certifies many aspirants and IT professionals.


OpsTrainerz is also a leading technology training website that offers different courses & services on leading Cloud Platforms

Canvas Tax

Canvas Tax is a specialized platform that offers different types of USA-based tax services, including individual and business tax filing.


GlobalCybers is a growing IT Consulting & Staffing company that supports IT businesses to grow with the right resources.


Rentzo is one of the leading rental platforms offering multiple rental products, including appliances, electronics, etc.


We are one of India's leading tech-based building construction and material supplier platforms that fulfill your dream home project.


Coursemate is a one-stop solution for your assignments where you will get a complete assignment writing service.

Our Mission

Innovating, Enhancing & polishing existing systems,procedures and leading competition.Enabling technology, innovation in conventional & online services.

Our Vision

Transforming Conventional Services to online Tech-Enabled & make it happen in few clicks & converting problems into opportunities.

Our Clients